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Consulting and supervision planning
Smart cities Advanced industrial parks Data Security

Our areas of expertise

City Square

Consulting for smart city infrastructure

  • Gathering needs and requirements for the city

  • Planning and envelope guidelines for municipal officials

  • Defining an active and passive technological concept

  • Preparation of tender documents and plans for suppliers

  • Detailed design SOW

  • Management and close supervision of the suppliers

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Writing tenders

  • Conducting a preliminary site survey and coordinating expectations with the technology departments and legal advisors

  • Writing process subject to and closely related to the computing/security factors and legal advice

  • Emphasis on complying with the conditions of the tendering obligation law (suppliers conference, answering clarification questions, assistance in choosing the winner and more)

  • Submission of a summary document and recommendation of the winning supplier

Fire Extinguishing System

MNA systems

  • Design and characterization of control and entry systems

  • Design and characterization of closed circuit television

  • Design and characterization of alarm and intrusion detection systems

  • Planning and characterization of a parking system

  • Design and characterization of IOT systems

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Upgrading/planning Call Center (city center) and IP systems

  • Gathering requirements for Call Center systems and IP switchboard in the cloud/local

  • Defining the technological concept of the center and the solutions

  • Detailed SOW planning prior to tender preparation

  • Producing a tender in front of the suppliers

  • Close supervision

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control and control systems

  • The connection of all the relevant systems to the Shov system

  • Organizational support and implementation (organizational consulting)

  • Characterizing the correlation between events from all systems

  • Close supervision

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Software licensing consulting

  • Collecting data and needs regarding software licensing in the organization

  • Defining the existing technological concept in the organization

  • Examining solutions for savings in the field of licensing

  • Management and execution, supreme supervision

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in supplier costs

  • Collecting organizational data in the field of communication

  • Coordinated work with the NMR and the accounting system in the organization

  • Definitions of the technological concept

  • Testing with suppliers and technology

  • Managing negotiations with suppliers in cooperation with the organization

  • Close supervision

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Infrastructure consolidation (consolidation)

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Data Security

  • CISO AS A SERVICE - information security and cyber consulting

  • Management and monitoring of EDR\XDR systems

  • Application and infrastructure penetration tests

  • Accompanying companies to comply with the 27001 Privacy Protection Law and more

  • Process and technological risk surveys

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Characterization of meeting rooms (multimedia)

  • Integration planning and coordination for audio and video systems/sound/ control and automation/automation

  • Customization to customer needs

  • Solutions for conference rooms and workstations, video conference systems and multimedia systems

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Deployment of security cameras. Planning and consulting

  • Planning an operational and technological response in accordance with a security concept

  • Information and cyber security planning for cameras

  • Consulting, planning and implementation of advanced camera systems

  • Connection to advanced analytics and social security systems

  • Planning alarm systems and intrusion detection

  • Designing parking lot management systems

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DR site planning and


  • Consulting, planning and implementation of advanced IT systems

  • DATA CENTER rooms that include:

  • Specialization in the design of critical facilities

  • Infrastructure connected to communication systems

  • Planning risk surveys and supporting systems

  • Planning and carrying out the transfer of employees to the new site

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