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For over two decades, Messer has been advising its customers in all areas of communication and infrastructure, installing a passive/active communication system, establishing and upgrading switchboards and customer service centers and 106 centers, planning DR sites and carrying out consolidation of the communication system between the company/authority sites: 

In the last decade with the advancement of technology and the ability to deploy a wide optical infrastructure in addition to the copper infrastructure, Messer provides consulting to many authorities throughout the country in the areas of the smart city and smart industrial park

Optical fiber layout planning

Planning and consulting for the deployment of cameras after conducting a comprehensive site survey

Linking the cameras to the central Shin Bet system

Planning the deployment of WI FI points throughout the Authority

Planning and consulting for the establishment of an advanced SHOB system

Planning server rooms and DR sites 

Information security at a high and advanced level

Knowledge and experience in writing tenders / RFP /RFI  for dozens of projects in the field of communication and computing

Travel planning

Petah Tikva  


Be'er Ya'akov




Consulting and planning for the deployment of wired, optical and wireless infrastructure for cameras throughout the city, including their connection to the call center

Writing tenders
Over 20 years of experience

  • Performing a preliminary site survey

  • Preliminary meetings to clarify needs with all the relevant parties in the Authority - the technology departments and the legal advisors

  • Writing process subject to and adjacent to the factors of computerization and legal advice 

  •  Emphasis on compliance with the conditions of the tendering obligation law (suppliers conference, answering questions  clarification, assistance in choosing the winner and more)

The metro network is structured hierarchically in the configuration of optical rings:

A core layer that exists in center sites

Main and secondary rings

Dedicated access switches for metro features
1 Bandwidths today vary between G-10G towards the core

Digital Network

The METRO network model

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