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Why should?

  • Wasting many working hours searching and collecting data

  • There is no professional data analysis Data analyze for making informed decisions

  • Awkwardness in working with several unsynchronized systems

  • There is no follow-up mechanism after the achievement of goals and objectives and progress in TA from the student level

  • Great workload as a teacher, position holder, manager

A virtual workroom as an infrastructure for decision-making and optimal execution

Updated permanent infrastructure

and database availability

Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 13.05.05.png
Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 13.00.57.png

Dealing with the database

Techno pedagogy message system

A balance that allows dealing with essences and plants

The center of gravity in organization work deals with the database
There are no applications for the other processes

what will we get

  • Effective management of the organization  , physical and virtual

  • Data-based resource and budget management (GPN)

  • Database infrastructure synchronized and updated online.

  • Availability and accessibility to data and data anywhere at any time

  • Foundation for an organizational ecosystem (physical and virtual: )

  • Data-based TA, measurement  , evaluation and monitoring

  • Working on an age sequence (birth - 12th)

Virtual study room

A secure and encrypted system implements the highest levels of information security available on the market today. Tested and approved for use by government ministries and is tested on a regular basis

A one-stop-shop system with the ability to connect to all existing organization systems and data sources in order to optimize organizational processes and information processing without limitation in the ability to grow and store information

event analysis  - The system stores and enables data analysis and presentation of statistics for targeted treatment in the promotion of goals and objectives

A virtual system in the cloud that allows access from anywhere and at any time as a function of permissions, as well as the transfer of information in real time

An innovative and advanced control and control system for managing all work processes, data fusion and bi-data analysis as an infrastructure for decision-making and optimal performance 

construction  Study units, courses and training, which include text content, video, presentations, videos and more. You can create tests based on time and receiving a minimum score and manage all test scores

How It Works?

Virtual study room

Pedagogical, managerial and organizational guidance and training envelope

Development of measurement, assessment and control tools

Pedagogical, organizational and administrative dashboard


work plan

Assessment and measurement

Construction of synchronized and pedagogy-based evaluation tools from the student, teacher, school, supervisor, district level

Building a template for TA: goals, objectives, inputs, outputs, success indicators, monitoring planning versus execution

Flexibility in creating a snapshot, interfaces, segmentations, crossing data according to customer requirements from anywhere and at any time

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