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The Messer company under the management of Yoram Bibish, a senior ICT consultant, has been a leader in upgrading communication and computer infrastructure since 1999. Below is a description of projects carried out by the experts of the Messer company in recent years:

Sami Shimon College // Consulting and writing tenders for communication and computing projects
  • Planning a video conference system project in the college president's room.

  • Examining state-of-the-art ICT solutions for the college that will serve the college's students and its employees through various companies such as Cisco, Mer Group and more.

  • Writing a plan for the design of the new Data Center complex of the main college site in Be'er Sheva, including in-row cooling units, including full supervision of the execution of the project in the field by Roni Ozari - an expert on behalf of the Messer company with extensive experience in planning and setting up DR and DC sites.

  • Consulting and planning for the upgrade of the corporate communication infrastructures used by the two college sites in Beer Sheva and Ashdod, including writing a tender for the upgrade of the communication infrastructures which was won by Bezeq International. As part of the upgrade, a state-of-the-art Metro Extreme network was established and the customer saved monthly costs in the amount of thousands of shekels.

  • Writing technical specifications for tenders in the field of computing, communications, printers and multimedia.

Haifa Municipality // Infrastructure deployment for cameras and Wi-Fi
  • Preparation of a master plan for a smart city by writing tenders to select executive contractors in the fields of ICT:

    • A tender covering all areas of the smart city, including smart city infrastructure and applications. The project is planned to be carried out in stages according to neighborhoods in the city. The tender is being written these days in full cooperation with the municipal authorities - the engineering department and the computer department.

    • A tender for the construction of a multimedia complex including a screen wall in the emergency center.

  • The consultation includes coordination with contractors, communication providers, architects and engineers and the execution of complete system coordination,

  • Emphasis on compliance with the conditions of the law on the obligation of tenders (suppliers conference, answering clarification questions, assistance in choosing the winner and more).

Azrieli Towers Tel Aviv, the square building // Designing computer rooms and LAN and WAN networks
  • Planning a local network with 34 backbone concentrations (one on each floor) and over 10,000 users as well as planning passive communication infrastructures based on optical fibers and copper cables.

  • Designing a set of central computer and communication rooms, separating LAN and WAN, planning the LAYOUT of communication cabinets, server cabinets and server farms, characterization of complementary systems. The system serves 41 floors in the Azrieli center of the square building.

Densher and Danlog company  // Infrastructure consolidation project (consolidation) and DATA CENTER planning
  • Implementation of a consolidation project in cooperation with Bezeq International to unify the organization's communication infrastructure. The project included writing technical specifications, writing discussion summaries and activity reports and distributing them to the various parties in the project. Connecting the three company websites from all over the country. About 1000 branches on the main website.

  • Planning and supervising the establishment of a Data Center at the new logistics site and providing solutions for data communication, including characterization of needs according to the desired scope of the systems.

  • Ongoing coordination with contractors, communication providers, architects and engineers and complete system coordination.

Castro and Yves Roche Company // Ongoing communication consulting for the branches, the company headquarters and the logistics site
  • Planning for the establishment of the communication system in all branches of the new cosmetics chain  YVES ROCHER includes actual execution through a subcontractor. Planning and activating the link to the remote site in the logistics center and the customer service center.

  • Upgrading the telephony center and setting up the (Call Center) C.C system and redirecting over a hundred distributed lines entering stores across the country to the call center, with an emphasis on lowering current communication costs.  

  • Planning a hall with an area of 150 square meters, including operators' room, LAYOUT   characterization of complementary systems (temperature and humidity control, gas extinguishing, rodent deterrence), floating floor, lighting, electricity and communication lines.

Beer Yaakov Local Council // Infrastructure layout for a smart city
  • כתיבת תכנית אב וכן יעוץ וליווי פרויקט להקמת רשת מטרו במועצה, לרבות פריסת סיבים אופטיים ורשת אלחוטית ברחבי המועצה, שצ"פים ומוסדות החינוך, לרווחת התושבים ולקידום פעילויות המועצה.

  • הייעוץ כלל ביצוע סקר אתר מקיף, כתיבת מכרז לרבות מפרטים טכניים לכל הרשתות (אופטית ואלחוטית), הכנת כתבי כמויות, תנאי סף וקריטריונים לבחירת הזוכה.

  • בימים אלו נבחר הזוכה לביצוע הפרויקט (חברת מגלקום) וחברת מסר נבחרה כחברת הייעוץ לליווי הפרויקט.

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